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Trendi Switch Frequently Asked Questions

Monday, 17 July 2017  |  Admin

Trendi Switch Frequently Asked Questions

You may be asking yourself what is Trendi Switch and will it work for my requirements? As we get lots of these questions we thought it would be helpful to answer some of them for you! Here are the top 10 Trendi FAQs:

1) - Are these a direct replacement for normal switches and sockets? Yes the Trendi Switch range is designed to be a reto-fit for your existing switches and sockets meaning the wiring is exactly the same.

2) - Can you use all of the USBs and the plugs at the same time? Yes all 4 USB sockets and both 13 Amp plug sockets can be used at the same time with no danger of a power surge.

3) - What rating are the USB sockets? Each USB is rated to 2.1 milliamps and have optimised apple and android charging.

4) - How are they fixed to the wall? The plate is removable, behind the plate are two screw holes where you screw the screws provided into your wall/back box, the plate then clips over the top to conceal the screws.

5) - What are the Trendi Switches made from? The Trendi switches are made from moulded ABS plastic with a scratch-proof UV coating

6) - Are the switches fully certified for UK & EU sale? Yes the Trendi Switch range is BS (British Standard) & CE (European Conformity) approved.

7) - Are the switches double or single pole? They are single pole (Just switches the live on/off and not the neutral) 

8) - Do they need to be earthed? No the Trendi Switches do not need to be earthed as they are plastic

9) - Where are they made? Trendi Switches are made in he Far East and assembled in the UK

10) Where can i buy them? Wireless Lighting Store is an official authorised re-seller of Trendi Switch! You can find them on The Wireless Lighting Store, if you would like a quote please call us on 0207 117 6966 or email

View the full Trendi Switch range here

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