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How retailers can keep pace with a nation of e-shoppers

Monday, 10 July 2017  |  Admin

How retailers can keep pace with a nation of e-shoppers


Online shopping on mobile, tablet and desktop devices has soared over the past few years, in 2016 consumers spent £60.43 billion pounds online. When polled 72% of Brits asked said they regularly use these devices to purchase online, this is much higher than the European average of 52%. This figure continues to rise, it is expected to hit £67.38 billion in 2017 and grow further in the following years.

The rise in popularity online shopping can be directly linked to the emergence of the iPhone, iPad, Samsung mobile devices and many other tablet and smartphone devices. Alongside the development of 3G and 4G mobile internet customers were given access to all their favourite stores wherever and whenever they liked.

In the UK 76% of the population own a smartphone, a far greater figure than the 63.7% on the continent. Mobile spending in 2017 is predicted to hit £27 million pounds with each mobile user spending an average of £1428 on mobile devices making mobile shopping the fastest growing area in the retail industry.

Although desktop remains the most popular form of online shopping, this is quickly changing as it is predicted that online purchases will grow by 22% in 2017 on tablets and 28% on mobiles in the UK and 32% on tablets, 31% on smartphones in Europe.

Mobile lies at the heart of continued expansion of online spend, retailers can continue to encourage the growth of mobile retail by offering consistent pricing; a good customer experience and integrating data across consumer touchpoints. Improved payments such as apple pay also encourage consumers to shop online.

Moving forward retailers need to continue to personalise online shopping and embrace the developments in mobile devices and retail technology to improve their online presence and growth. This is all essential to meet consumer demands and to reflect the shifting nature from in store to online shopping.


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