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Switch to LED! - LED Light Bulb FAQs

Wednesday, 21 June 2017  |  Admin

Switch to LED! - LED Light Bulb FAQs

People often ask why they should change to LEDs, so we have put together a list of the top 10 LED FAQs!


1) - What does LED stand for? LED is short for light-emitting diode

2) - Why should I change to LEDs? There are too many reasons to mention! Here are some brief bullet points: Huge savings on electricity bills; extremely energy efficient; long life span; instant on; environmentally friendly; don’t get hot; reduce your carbon footprint;

3) - Can I dim LEDs? Yes with a compatible dimmer, they will not dim on a conventional dimmer. Trailing edge dimmers will dim LED bulbs, most have a certain number of bulbs that they can dim, i.e 1-10 and up to a certain wattage, i.e 0-100W so you must make sure you conform to this. We always recommend Varilight for LED dimmers as they are a very reputable company and have expert testing facilities.

4) - Do i need to replace my fitting to use LED bulbs? No, you do not, LEDs are designed to retrofit existing fittings. You should always check your bulb type and dimensions first to ensure you are ordering the correct cap type and style of bulb.

5) - How long do LED bulbs last? 20,000-50,000 hours is the standard but some bulbs have an even greater lifespan than this at nearly 100,000 hours! if you are only using the bulb a couple of hours a day it can last over 20 years!

6) - Can I get decorative LED bulbs? Yes you can now get coloured and filament light bulbs if you are looking for something a bit different!

7) - Why are LEDs more expensive than halogen bulbs? LED technology is still relatively new so the cost of developing the technology is higher, however the price of LEDs are dropping dramatically as the technology advances and soon will be almost the same price as conventional bulbs. Also as LEDs last much longer the slightly higher cost of the bulb is made up for by the amount of energy saved and not having to replace the bulbs so often.

8) - Is there a difference between cheap and more expensive LED bulbs? Yes! The quality really matters with LED bulbs in terms of lifespan and functionality, a cheap bulb will not last as long as a quality one ad you may encounter other problems with the functionality and compatibility of the bulb. We always suggest Kanlux or Integral LED for LED light bulbs.

9) - Can LEDs be used outdoors? Yes they can, as long as they are used in a fitting which is suitable for outdoor use and have the appropriate IP rating.

10) - What is the difference between warm and cool white? The effect or feel that the colour of a bulb that is chosen will have on the space that it is used. Warm white most closely replicates the colour of a traditional/halogen bulb. Cool white has a brighter, whiter effect and can give a modern or even clinical feel to a space.

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