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new halogen legislation

Wednesday, 15 February 2017  |  Admin

Consumers could begin to find it harder to buy halogen spotlights from now on as stock runs out, but a wider ban on halogen bulbs such as candle or traditional-shaped bulbs will not be introduced until 2018.

The reason for the implementation of the ban is due to the high level of electricity that halogen lamps use, and the UK/EU commitments to reduce CO2 emissions. A halogen lamp will use around 10 times the amount of energy of an LED lamp.

The good news is that LED lamps save you money. A single 50W halogen lamp will cost approximately £1.05 each month to run in electricity, if used for 5 hours a day.
This doesn't sound like much until you think that most people have more than a single lamp in one room, i.e. a spotlight bar with 4 halogen lamps costs around £4.20 a month. An LED fitting with the same light output will cost around £0.42 to run, or £0.10 per lamp a month.

The phase out of removing inefficient lamps from our products has taken place, however our stock holding is such that we will still be selling products with halogen lamps included for some time to come before you start to receive products without halogen lamps.

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